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From on-pack prizes to text-to-win promotions and money off coupons to scratch cards, Fotorama can help you control the financial risk of any sales promotion and maximise the impact of your budget whilst eliminating the risks associated with over redemption.
If you’d like to run an amazing sales promotion but are concerned about your budget if the campaign redemptions are just too high, then have no fear, a fixed fee deal from Fotorama can protect you, your business and your reputation. Find out why so many big brands trust us to manage their promotional risk time after time

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What is fixed fee?

The Fixed Fee Sales Promotion Method is the most effective way of controlling the additional, and often unplanned, financial costs incurred when over redemption occurs. Sales Promotion Insurance Companies accept a fixed fee which allows you to assign a fixed promotional budget; they then guarantee that your liability is fixed no matter how high the level of redemption.

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